First Growth

October 6th, 2012 – Robert
It’s October – my favorite time of year. Fall is in the air, the O’s are in the post-season, and it’s finally time to begin another year of winemaking.

I started making my own wine in 2010, with my wife, Caitlin, because I wanted to know more about wine. We loved to drink it, we knew that much. I thought perhaps the right way to better understand the third member of our marriage (me, Caitlin, and a bottle of red – perhaps you’ve run into us at a party recently?) would be to go through the entire process, from grape to bottle. In this, our third year, we decided to start a blog to document our annual trials and tribulations from start to finish.  We’re doing this for several reasons:

We want to share our adventure.
Winemaking is a blast. We involve our friends and family whenever possible. From crushing the grapes, to running the press, to driving in the corks, many hands make for light work. If you are reading this blog right now, there is a very good possibility you are related to us. Or you are an extremely close friend. You might be interested to see and read more than the random Facebook photo (even plus caption) can supply. If you aren’t related to us, or our very close friend, fantastic!  The power of the internet is at work already.

We want to formally document our process.
Winemaking is like playing golf. It is always challenging. It is all about getting better every time you get out there. And the only person you can really measure your progress against is…yourself.

We’ve learned so much our first few years, but have so much more to learn. We want this blog to serve as our record of the decisions we make and challenges we encounter, so we can continue to reflect on how to improve. Being accountable to you – our friends, family, and maybe one new guy – will help us stay on task as we attempt to write down and/or photograph the details.

We want to engage with other winemakers.
We are completely self-taught winemakers. Everything we know about winemaking comes from reading books, watching videos, and endless trial and error. Because we are in the somewhat odd position of doing this from our rowhouse in the heart of Baltimore City, we haven’t had the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are also trying to create really great wine at home. We have so many questions, an idea or two we want your feedback on, and lots of good wine to share, if you live nearby. Or we’ll ship it to you, if you don’t mind breaking a few federal shipping laws. No, that’s not true. We would only ever send you olive oil. Wink.

If you know someone who is passionate about making wine, thinking about wine, drinking wine, or even just eating overripe grapes, share this blog. We’re going to begin posting immediately, as we get ready for the 2012 harvest. We will continue to update as often as possible as we progress.

We’re really glad you are here to follow us along in our winemaking adventures. Please leave comments, ask questions, and make suggestions. Thanks for reading this and let’s get started making some wine! And let’s go O’s!


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